KAIROS! by Cristian Abner

Director. Writer. Producer.

Between writing screenplays and producing small independent projects, Cristian Abner reflects on cinema, art, music, and civic duty.
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This is Wisdom in its Final Form


Omnipotence is not knowing how everything is done; it’s just doing it.
Alan Watts

Terence Mckenna -Life is an Opportunity

DMT-Trip Report

Take Back Your Mind ~ Terence McKenna 

Corporate Avenger- The Bible Is Bullshit (Lyrics) 

Alan Watts Self as Play 

"The first part of the story will be told at the end. The third act will end in tears and the villain will get away. But you would have learned a valuable lesson about invoking demons and thought monsters while trying to hit on that nice gothic girl at the bar."
-The Story Of My Life
Cristian Abner